Association are to organise and foster discussion, research, education and publication within the field of industrial relations. If you are in support of these objects and are at least 15 years old, you can apply to become a full voting member.

The membership year for the IRSWA runs the calendar year from 1 January to 31 December. Maximise your value by joining early in the year and attending as many events as you can!

If you are retired, unemployed or a full-time student, there are concession rates for membership available to you. Check out our sign-up page for current rates.

We try to provide a significant number of events free for members, but not all events are practical to run this way. Longer and more expensive events may require extra payment, but members always receive a discounted rate and are often free.

If you are an interested and financial member of the IRSWA, then you can nominate yourself to take part in the Committee, to help steer and support the work of the Society. New and returning Committee members will be elected each year at the Annual General Meeting of the Society.