2008 Annual Convention presentations

At our annual convention on November 7 & 8, Professor Russell Lansbury presented on "Reformation or Revisionism? The Rudd Industrial Relations Agenda".  His presentation slides are attached here

Expert lawyer Joe Catanzariti presented on "Life after WorkChoices" and his presentation is attached here.  Joe's executive summary is also available.

Former Commissioner of Public Employment NT, John Kirwan, presented on "Improving Indigenous Participation Rates".  The presentation slides are here.

Executive Director of the Australian Institute of Employment Rights, Lisa Heap, talked about "Finding a Sustainable Model for Workplace Relationships".  Her presentation is here.

Tracy Casperz spoke about "Drafting Enforceable Restraint on Ex-Employees - the Question is Why". The presentation is here.

Please note members are invited to make contact for a copy of the video of convention presentations on info@industrialrelations.com.au.